1. My new phone is here <3. not long until I get to talk to him again <3

  2. Skyped this dude last night with Layla. I think his name is like Austin Mahone? I don’t know though. He’s super weird.

  3. Good mood today <3


  4. :)

    So, this is what he said (and I have to type this whole damn thing.)

    "Right now I’m at an awards show. About to perform. I’m really nervous. I’ve never felt like this before. It’s crazy to think that one person can give me such a mix of feelings. Usually my feelings are said through my songs, so this is gonna be really hard haha. But you… you’ve been running through my mind since the very first time I saw you. When I was on that 14 hour plane trip, your name was all that sounded familiar. I know you have a boyfriend and I know you’re happy. I’m not asking you to break up with him because I know you two are in love. I would never want you two to break up. I just want you to know how I feel about you. I’m 17, okay. I’ve had crushes before but you’re more than a crush. I can’t explain what it is, but I like it. When I close my eyes, I hear you voice and see your smile. You’re the type of girl I’ve always wanted. My heart beats for you. I never thought i’d have a love for anyone like I have the love for you. I feel like all my songs I’ve written have been about you, even though I didn’t know you then. It was just like fate I guess. I don’t want anyone else. I don’t want someone else’s lips, or hand, or love… You’re all I want and all I ask of you is that you consider my feelings for you and to not let this ruin our friendship. Also… I know your boyfriend is on tour and I know you miss him so much, so am I… but I will sing to you every night. My music will be there with you, in your heart. While I can’t. I’m not like all the other guys and I understand how cliché that sounds but I just want my hands on your hips and to surprise kiss you when you’re sad. I don’t know if I can stay just friends. I don’t believe in love at first sight but you changed that. Brittany-Taylah Louise Adams.. I love you. <3.

  5. Nothing can ruin my mood now. & my new phone is coming thank god. I can finally talk to my boo again <3


  6. boxerbriefjon-deactivated201306 said: sorry if im nosey but what happened to our little sister?

    she passed away earlier this year


  7. la-freelove-deactivated20140306 said: you are the prettiest girl I have EVER seen ; )

    AWWW thank you <3


  8. Had an awesome time meeting the rather dashing Austin Mahone !! There are supposedly pictures on IG haha. He’s definitely a cutie at 17 !! aha . He smashed it on Say You’re Just A Friend. But my favorite was by far Heart In My Hand <3 . (: I know he’s trying to fill Justins shoes though haha

  9. This, is Taylor. She was my little 14 year old sister :) She’ll be missed <3

  10. My friend posted this on Facebook and it’s so true, some people would say she isn’t a true Directioner because she doesn’t ” love them after they change ” but you guys don’t realize that change is okay. She is just upset because they have totally fallen under management, they aren’t even independent anymore and she hates that. She loved the One Direction from 2010-late 2012. Once 2013 rolled around.. it’s never been the same.